Los Irlandeses vienen a tierras españolas. Welcoming the Irish! - Asesora de Educación Mairi Murphy

Welcoming the latest Irish student to Spain.

Bienvenido a España a unas alumnas Irlandesas.

¡Con Native English, cada año unos 10 niños se marchan a Irlanda para la famosa Transition Year (4ºESO), pero ahora los Irlandeses quieren venir a España – olé!

Every year, native English send about 10 Spanish students to Ireland for the famous TY experience.. but now the Irish want to come to Spain! olé!

El objetivo principal es aprovechar de este curso tan flexible en Irlanda para conocer mejor su segundo idioma, el español y también para conocer la cultura aquí, lejos de casa.

The main reason is to make the most of this wonderfully flexible school year and improve their grasp of the Spanish language and also to try to understand the culture here.

Welcoming the latest Irish student to Spain.

Welcoming the latest Irish student to Spain.

Mairi organiza personalmente la presentación del alumno en Barajas con su “nueva familia” anfitriona.

Contamos con unas familias aventureras para ser familia anfitriona de un adolescente, para darle el cariño necesario cada día que esté. First Day at school!

Mairi is personally there in arrivals to introduce the Irish student to their new host family who will provide them with a caring enviornment while they are far from home.

Understanding the importance of sport in Spain - Estudiantes match

Understanding the importance of sport in Spain – Estudiantes match

Y con relaciones estrechas en unos buenos colegios locales. First Day at school!

Coordinamos el uniforme y horario con el colegio en cuestión para facilitar la integración del alumno en el centro. We coordinate the uniform & help adapt the timetable as necessary so as to speed up the integration process.

Mejor integracion con la cultura y idioma, en familia.

Existen internados en españa pero las familias irlandesas que quieren un mejor interactuacion con la cultura y idioma, eligen que su hijo sea alojado en una familia anfitriona.

Boarding or Host Family?

“I felt for Eve, that staying with a family was a great experience and I don’t think a boarding school offers the same integration into the language”.

The Spanish schools give a helping hand.

As it’s their 3rd language (after English & Irish), the students generally have quite basic Spanish when they arrive. It’s not always easy at the start to understand the 4th Year classes, so Mairi’s partner school do all they can to facilite extra Spanish and sometimes organise extra project work to be presented to their peers.

Tell me how your daughter got on in her Spanish TY experience?

Eve had a great time and really enjoyed herself. The family were fantastic and really lovely people.

What advice would you offer a parent who is thinking of sending their child to Spain for a language experience?

Have no doubts and trust that it will be a great experience not only for your child, but also for them themselves.

Many thanks Mairi, Anna had a fabulous time and really improved her Spanish. 


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